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About Products
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About Products

1. What is the remaining cargo?

It is the ordered goods that did not fit into container or was missing at the time of loading.

2. What to do with the remaining cargo?

Customers can ship remaining products by themselves, or they can ship it in the container with the next order.

3. How to solve products quality issues?

When there are any quality problems,customers need to provide some evidence, such as pictures, videos, lists, etc. If it's confirmed that the quality problems appeared before the shipment, our company will cover the cost of the defected products or will replace it.

4. Is it necessary to sign a contract with the company?

Yes. Our company will provide our standard form of contract for the customer's approval.

5. Can you provide quality certificates?

Our company can provide international certificates like ISO, EN71 etc. for most of the products if required by the customer. A small part of products though doesn't have any certificates. In this case we can offer some ways to solve the problem.

6. Are there any promotions?

Yes, we have different promotions every month, a variety of special price products are available for you to choose from.

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