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More about sign up problems

More about sign up problems:

I. You can use your email and password to sign in;

Step 1: Click "Sign in" to log in to your account;

Step 2: Enter your email and correct password, then click "Sign in". If you forgot password you could request for receiving our letter and change your password. Fill in your email and click “Send Email”. 

Step 3: Follow the letter's instructions and click appropriate link to change your password;

Step 4: Set a new password and click "Submit".

II. I forgot my account ID, what should i do?

Contact our client service manager for restore your account.

III. I didn't receive any letters, what happened?

Firstly, you should check your filled gaps, maybe you enter wrong email or password. If your information is correct and the email still hasn't arrived, contact our customer service!

      IV. Is it possible to log in from my mobile phone?

      Yes, It's possible.

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