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Payment methods
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Payment methods

I. What payment methods do you support?

Full prepayment: in case of ordering a partial container or delivery on EXW terms, the customer will be charged a 30% deposit after confirmation of the order, and the remaining 70% of the payment before shipment.

T/T payment in advance: in case of delivery on FOB terms the customer will be charged 30% deposit before placing the order and the remaining 70% of the payment after receiving the bill of landing.

II. What currencies can be used for payment?

We are currently using two currencies: USD and RMB.

III. Can your company provide multiple bank accounts to choose from?

We can provide several bank accounts according to customer requirements.

IV. Is it possible to insure the cargo?

 It is the customer's choice whether or not to insure the cargo. Insurance fee is payed to the shipping company together with the shipping fee.

V. When can I pay the deposit? How much do I have to pay?

To place an order at the factory the customer has to pay 30% of the total price after confirming the order.

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